O’Reilly & Kelly Have Blow Out Over White Privilege In Ferguson

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On The O’Reilly Factor on Monday, Bill O’Reilly had Megyn Kelly bring an interesting perspective on the idea of ‘white privilege’, which has been a hot topic since the Ferguson riots began.

Kelly, an attorney and fellow news anchor over at Fox, spouted off a few statistics which she argued are evidence that black individuals don’t get a fair shake in America. She mentioned that the black unemployment rate in Ferguson, MO is three times the white unemployment rate. Also, in the U.S., a black child is four times as likely to live in a poor neighborhood as a white child.

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O’Reilly took his usual stance, saying, “It all comes down to family, culture, personal responsibility. All of these things which we don’t hear much about and this is what drives the poverty.”

Kelly also mentioned the issue of “white flight”, which has been documented in predominately black communities in the St. Louis area. When black folks start moving to certain suburbs, white families have been known to run for the hills, as there is a direct correlation between the ratio of black individuals in a community and the amount of crime that community will see.

Who do you agree with in this situation? Megyn Kelly or Bill O’Reilly? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Mediaite

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