Thug Shouts “Hey White Boy,” Beats Man’s Face With Rock

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Although the police are yet to deem it as such, a Baltimore family is convinced that the knife would their son suffered to his face, was the result of a hate crime. What’s even worse is that, within the area, a trend seems to be emerging of violence in the area, with the suspect of the crime at the center of at least a couple.

It all began after the 25-year-old who wished to remain anonymous left his lifeguard job for the evening when he was approached by three black males. Amongst the group was 19-year-old Sidney Joyner who tried to stab the man, which he was able to dodge, and eventually threw a rock at his face injuring him to the point where he’s going to need plastic surgery to repair the lacerations.

According to Sgt. Jarron Jackson of the Baltimore police, “The victim began to yell out. Residents began to come out of their homes; the suspects then ran away.” He was later detained by police who formally charged him with armed robbery, robbery and two counts of assault.


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They son’s family however isn’t all that pleased with the results of the arrest as his father conveys, “I feel like this was attempted murder. An injury that severe definitely wasn’t an intent to injure—it was an intent to kill.”

Furthermore, they are a bit puzzled as to why police are ignoring the obvious racial aspect of the crime as the boy explained to police that one of the men shouted, “Hey, white boy!” immediately prior to the attack.

The father later concluded, “If roles were reversed, it definitely would be no question whether it was a hate crime or not.”

Is he right – would police have acted differently if the roles were reversed?

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