EPIC: Dad Tells Adult Son To Get A Job, Runs Over Video Games With Lawnmower

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In a video showing exactly what is wrong with today’s generation a fed up father decided that, at least in his house, the lazy mentality would soon be no more. After growing tired to the point of helplessness, one father decided to go to the extreme in order to get across that all those times he demanded his adult son get a job, that he really meant it.

After going in his room to discover a few of his video game cases strewn about, he soon discovered writing on white board in his room reading, “GET A JOB! GET A LIFE!! No more GAMES!!! Love, Dad”. After seeking out his father however, the boy was quick to see his father sitting atop his riding lawn mower in front of a pile of the boy’s games.


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The father quickly explains that he’s sick of his son sitting around doing nothing, and although the son is adamant, doesn’t accept the boy’s narrative in which he’s going to work with video games because, “he’s really good at it.” Without warning, the father hammers up the throttle and runs over the pile sending video game shrapnel across the yard.


The real question here is – real or fake?

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