In-Church Miracle Leaves Congregation Shocked, Claiming Divine Intervention

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Nothing short of a miracle was caught on tape recently as a man had a heart attack during a sermon in church. What happened has people crying divine intervention as after asking the congregation to pray, the man, who at one point had flat lined (a.k.a. died) for about 15 minutes, came back to life.

It came as quite a shock to Dr. E. Dewey Smith that as he went about his sermon on Sunday that a man simply keeled over clutching his chest. It was soon revealed that there was a serious problem, potentially a heart attack, where paramedics were called to the Hope Church in Decatur, Georgia.

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Feel free to watch the video in its entirety below:

Instead of panicking though, Smith turned to what he knew best for guidance – God. In an incredible feat, the pastor asked for everyone within the church to reach out toward their fellow Christian soldier and start praying aloud in effort to call Christ to action.

Despite the man having even flat lined at one point, where paramedics were seen giving chest compressions (CPR) for 15 minutes, they were able to revive him and take him to an area hospital. According to Smith, “I just felt led to pray. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt it was a critical situation so I just wanted to pray and I do believe in the power of prayer.”

So which was it – the natural sequence of events, or divine intervention?

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