5-Year-Old Sees What Heaven Is Like After Almost Dying In Car Wreck

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The argument as to whether or not there is an afterlife has been battled over the centuries, but for those who know 5-year-old Ashley, there’s no doubt in their minds. After the car she was riding in was struck by a drunk driver, Ashley was severely injured, fell into a coma and even saw what heaven was like.

In the accident, Ashley’s mother and brother were amongst the 7 killed in the fatal crash but somehow she survived. It took nearly two hours to get her out of the car as her leg was severely crushed and had significant brain injuries resulting in a coma.

About two weeks after the accident however, medical staff were amazed to discover that she had miraculously come out of the coma and was ready for visitors. While being visited by her grandmother and grandfather however, they bore witness to quite the series of events.

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While talking with her grandparents, Ashley looked toward the ceiling and began to speak with her mother and brother. After a drawn out conversation, she said “goodbye” and waved toward the ceiling before looking at her grandparents again to ask “can you see the hole?”

Apparently Ashley was able to say her final goodbye to brother and mother when a portal of sorts was opened into heaven that only she could see. For those who know Ashley, they say that without a doubt, that girl was granted a rare look into the afterlife.

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