Officer Beaten By Unarmed Man Refutes “Defenseless” Mike Brown Narrative

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Many pro-Mike Brown demonstrators seem to have forgotten the very real threat police officers face every day as they go to work. Despite many claiming that Mike Brown did not deserve to be shot dead, a recently unearthed video seems to demonstrate exactly why lethal force was necessary and what Brown may have done if allowed to fully charge at Officer Wilson.

The story of Michael Brown is an inaccurate and incomplete one at best, yet those willing to cast judgement already have their minds made up. Willingly ignorant to the dangers police face everyday, the story that has thrust the nation into turmoil seems to have evolved in order to adapt, as best as it possibly could, to facts that have come out exposing Brown for what he was – a thuggish criminal.

At first, the story was merely that a white officer shot a little unarmed black boy in the back without provocation. Then it came out that maybe he wasn’t so small and was a staggering 6’4” that had just robbed a convenience store.

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Using his physical superiority, he also assaulted someone in the store that day and furthermore reportedly attacked Wilson to begin with. We are often oblivious to the real life dangers we’re faced with everyday despite no weapons being involved.

As the aforementioned video goes to show, an officer was beaten senseless to simply avoid going back to jail. Delivering blow after blow to the unconscious officer’s face, it’s clear to imagine the damage Mike Brown would have been capable of had Officer Wilson decided not to use deadly force.

This is a matter of the right to preserve your right, not only granted to police officers, but every American as a whole. We already know Brown was willing to take things to a physical level – would this be something you would want to happen to yourself or a loved one? Or would you rather have the opportunity to defend yourself as Officer Wilson did?

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