Parents Of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown Teaming Up For Race War Of The Century

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The parents of Trayvon Martin are getting their second fifteen minutes of fame in. Last night, they joined the parents of Michael Brown for a special ‘guest appearance’ at the St. Louis “Peace Fest.” Interesting choice in names, since St. Louis has been the scene of violent riots and looting for the past two weeks.


As if the parents of these two black teenage thugs are celebrities, their respective appearances at this event were advertised in an effort to get the black community to stop looting for a minute and show up. The fact of the matter is, the parents of these boys are not celebrities. They raised a couple of thugs who became victims of a ghetto lifestyle and now the black community has put them on a pedestal. That, folks, is the reality of the situation. Do not be fooled by the lame stream media into believing that these people should be glorified.

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The photos of these two sets of parents bare a remarkable resemblance to one another. You see a black, guilt-stricken, unmarried couple, sitting next to each other for what is most likely one of only a handful of times that they ever did something together for their sons. Sadly, they weren’t able to work things out when their boys were alive, but they sure were able to come together to bank off of their deaths.

Yes, the deaths of these young boys were tragic. But in the midst of all the race-baiting, the real issue at hand is being covered up. The problem is not that law enforcement is a bunch of racist pigs, but the fact that low-income, crime-ridden black neighborhoods produce violent youths who become criminal offenders. When black men attack police officers, they can expect that they will be shot, and that is fully within the scope of the law. If you want to live a nice, long, healthy life, then go to school, get a job, and stay out of trouble. Do not steal from convenience stores and reach for an officer’s weapon when they ask you not to walk in the middle of the street.

The parents of Trayvon Martin will likely be making more public appearances with the parents of Michael Brown in order to push the narrative that young black men are unfairly targeted by law enforcement. Martin’s case was already tried in a court of law and his shooter was acquitted. Brown’s case is swiftly moving towards the same outcome. Unfortunately, even the most respected justice system in the world is not good enough for these two sets of parents, who have turned a blind eye to the facts surrounding why their sons were killed.

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