Welfare Queen Has 8 Kids, Will Hire Surrogate To Have Even More

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32-year-old Marie Buchan has made a career out of spawning fatherless children. The British woman currently has 8 kids and is planning to add to her brood, as her ultimate goal is to birth 10 children – never mind the fact that she is unmarried and unable to support the kids she already has.

There is nothing wrong with big families. Heck, have as many kids as you want! As long as you can pay for them yourself. Buchan, though, has no intention of ever supporting her children. She is quite open about the fact that she continues to have offspring just to get a check in the mail. The growing family of 9 all live in a tiny three-bedroom rented house. If Buchan has another baby, she will be eligible for a five-bedroom home on the tax-payers’ dime.


After her eighth child, Buchan required a hysterectomy. Anybody want to guess who paid for it? You might be thinking that this procedure solved the issue of this wretched woman having even more children, but she seems to have found a way around the fact that she physically cannot have anymore kids. She plans to hire a surrogate to carry two more pregnancies for her.

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Buchan explained:

“I was devastated when doctors told me I couldn’t have more. I love being pregnant and surrounded by kids. If I can’t have more babies myself, the next best thing would be to use a surrogate. I’ll get more benefits too – it’s easy to claim off the state. People might criticize me, but it’s my right to have as many children as I want.”

Here’s a little recap of the situation: Buchan is using the hard-earned money of tax-payers to survive. Tax-payers paid for her to have her children, then they paid for her to have a hysterectomy after birthing eight kids did a number on her reproductive organs. Now, those same tax-payers will be taken advantage of again, when Buchan uses her benefits money to foot the bill for a surrogate. Is your head spinning yet?


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The implications of what Buchan is doing are horrible for the economy, but it is even worse for her children. None of them were brought into this world out of love, they have not been raised in a nurturing environment, and they are given the impression that their sole purpose in life is to be the thing that brings in a benefits check for their mother. They won’t aspire to be upstanding, functioning members of society, because the example they are shown everyday is a mother who leeches off of the government.

Does it tick you off that Marie Buchan is able to live this way because of mismanaged policies instituted by Democrats? Give this lowlife a piece of your mind in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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