Wilson’s Former Unit Shut Down Over Racial Tensions, Media Outraged

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Ever since August 9, when white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, the mainstream media has made it their mission to ruin the reputation of the 28-year-old cop. As evidence mounts that the fatal shooting was justified, those who are making this case into an all-out race war are working overtime to dig up any dirt on Wilson they can find. The likes of CNN and MSNBC have turned a blind eye to the character witnesses who have come forward professing what a good guy Wilson is and how he would never, under any circumstances, shoot someone just because they are black.


On Sunday, the Daily Mail ran this headline: “Cop who killed Michael Brown started his career at disgraced unit that was DISBANDED over racial tensions – after officers opened fire on fleeing mother and child and beat up another woman.”

As if it was Wilson’s fault that his former employer was responsible for these allegations, MailOnline proceeded to hint that the officer is probably racist because he had been a rookie cop at the Jennings, MO Police Department, which was comprised of almost all white officers, despite the community being a population of mostly black folks.

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When Wilson went on to work for the police department in Ferguson, he encountered a similar situation; most of the law enforcement serving the black community is white. This, however, is in no way Wilson’s fault. Another important fact to note is that the Ferguson police department has actively tried to recruit minorities in recent years, but because of the general disdain for police within the black community, they came up dry.

The lame stream media leaves another crucial bit of information out of their biased reporting; namely, that most of the residents of the St. Louis area would never qualify for a position in law enforcement. Many of them are career felons who are constantly in and out of jail. The majority of the black community there has some sort of criminal record. You can’t get a badge and a gun with that resumé.


As the Left continues to crucify Wilson, many other people have come to his aid after examining the facts and realizing that he is not the violent racist which civil rights activists have made him out to be. Are you one of those people? Sound off in the comments section!

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