State Trooper Fired After Threatening To Taser NFL Lineman

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A corrupt officer, with a history of abusive actions, was recently fired after pushing his limits just a touch too far. After threatening an NFL lineman with a taser, along with a few other illegalities, the officer was let go as a result of his actions being, “inconsistent,” with agency standards.

The incident took place last June where NFL defensive lineman Sam Montgomery was pulled over by South Carolina state trooper Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter who clocked him going 89 mph in a 55. After being ordered out of the car, Montgomery was threatened with the use of a taser after simply misunderstanding officer’s directions.

In the video, it’s clear that the NFL star was complying, to the best of his ability, with every one of the officer’s directions. After a few failed attempts to do what the officer desired, Salter stated, “The next thing you’re going to get is the Taser.”


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Proving his utmost compliance even further, Montgomery responded by saying, “Whoa, I’m not trying to cause problems.”

Not seen on the tape, Salter announced, “NFL, you are under arrest,” making viewers believe that he was only arresting him because of his NFL status. Furthermore, while in the police cruiser, the officer told Montgomery, “we can pull that (seat belt) across you tight and lock it, and we make it a very uncomfortable ride to jail.”


As it turns out, this wasn’t the only time Salter had taken advantage of his authority as his, “agency said Salter was disciplined previously for unprofessional conduct and making inappropriate comments,” according to the Mail Online.

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They have since announced his firing as they explain, “These violations demonstrate behavior that is inconsistent” with agency protocol. Along with the aforementioned abuses, they also noted that Salter did not immediately tell Montgomery why he was being arrested, which is against agency protocol, nor has he been consistent with the arrest of those traveling 25 mph over the speed limit that he’s come across.


Montgomery didn’t get away Scott free however as he spent the night in jail. Later however he took accountability for his actions saying, “’Bad deal. Trying to get home. I’ll take the lick. I was wrong.”

Did this officer deserved to be fired?

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