Mother Hosts Alcohol-Fueled Sex Bash For Teen Daughter And Friends

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A Connecticut mother is under fire this week after hosting an alcohol-fueled sex bash for her 15 year-old daughter and her friends.

Eliane Mullen, 39, is accused of providing vodka and a condum to the teens and has been charged with ten counts of risk of injury to a minor. The Greenwich mother is denying the charges, saying her daughter stole the alcohol and the condum from her room.

“I have a condom in my nightstand and sometimes my daughter comes in and plays with it,” Mullen said, according to The New York Daily News. “She must have come into my bedroom and taken it from my nightstand.”

Police, however, tell a very different story. They say that Mullen bought two bottles of liquor and a six-pack of beer for the teens. They also say she gave a condum to two of the teens before sending them upstairs to have sex.

Despite the evidence against her, Mullen maintains her innocence.

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“The whole thing got out of hand,” Mullen said. “My daughter invited two friends over for a sleepover, and all of a sudden kids just kept coming in, boys and girls that were not supposed to be there.”

She says she let the kids hang out in the basement with just soda for a few hours, and only checked on them when she heard one of the teens had gotten sick. Mullen claims she was shocked when she came downstairs to find empty bottles of liquor.

The sick boy went home extremely intoxicated, and his parents called police. Mullen, however, says that the boy could not have gotten that drunk at her home.

“But the amount he drank at the party was not enough to make him that drunk,” she whined. “And I know because I was a certified nurse’s aide.”

Always full of excuses, Mullen also has a theory as to how her young daughter got her hands on hard liquor.

“I thought she was going to Marshalls because she had a gift card, but she went to the liquor store instead and then she hid the bottles in the back of my car.”


What do you think? Could this mother be telling the truth, or is she full of bologna? Let us know in the comments below!


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