Obnoxiously Screaming Mike Brown Supporter Crashes Darren Wilson Rally

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Indicative of their inability to think beyond a narrative spoon fed by the biased main stream media, one Liberal, and pro-Michael Brown supporter, decided to crash a rally being held for Darren Wilson. Amongst her temper tantrum, the obnoxious woman shouted time and time again, “Why they not shootin’ on y’all?”

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After having just about all they could take, a few Wilson activists tried to get the woman to leave where her stubborn nature only kicked into hyper-drive as she screamed even louder, “don’t touch me.” As there was no debating with the woman – at least in a calm and intellectual manner – the group supporting the officer let her continue as she asked, “You gonna shoot me too?”


After a while, members of the group just started waving good bye to the woman knowing full well that sense can’t be spoken into a woman with this much argumentative passion. There to a do a job, the only thing the woman was able to do was temporarily disrupt the group’s proceedings and expose the exact mentality rooted deep within each and every Liberal.

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