Darren Wilson Supporters Speak Out In Protest: “We Are All Darren Wilson”

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In the midst of the chaos created by the Ferguson rioters, the Darren Wilson supporters rallied in St. Louis Saturday afternoon.

The female leader of the group, who declined to reveal her name, gave a speech to the crowd that is sure to make the Ferguson protesters livid.

“At the end of this statement the media will inevitably ask for my name,” the woman said, according to Mediaite. “You want my name– my name is Darren Wilson, we are Darren Wilson.”

She went on to blast the media for showing “a strong bias” against not only Wilson, but his supporters as well.

“Many of us have received death threats against ourselves and our families,” she said. “Contrary to media suggestions we are not affiliated with any hate groups.”

“We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear.”

The pro-Wilson faction is gaining more and more support every day, and they have already raised over $250,000.

If you want to show your support for Darren Wilson, check out the viral Facebook group 1 Million Strong Against The Ferguson Rioters. Here, Americans are coming together to show that the behavior of the Ferguson race pimps will not be tolerated.


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