Key Witness In Mike Brown Case Wanted For Theft, Lying To Police

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The narrative in which Mike Brown was shot in the back by Officer Darren Wilson has all hinged off the testimony of one man – Dorian Johnson. As it turns out, Johnson’s word may not be worth all that much as it’s been recently exposed that he’s been dishonest with police before. So much, in fact, that he’s wanted by another police department for lying in relation to a separate crime he’d committed.

According to police reports, back in 2011 Johnson stole a package from the doorstep of his neighbor resulting in a call from local police. When they arrived however, they were met by Johnson giving them a fake name – Derrick Johnson – as well as declaring he was 16, although the “birth date” he gave to officers would have made him 17.

After conducting a pat down on Johnson, they found a Student ID in his sock exposing his real name and birth date indicating he’d lied to police officers. According to the Mail Online, “He was charged with misdemeanor theft and filing a false police report.”


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Johnson was said to plead guilty to the crime, skip town as well as his court date where the judge immediately placed a warrant out for his arrest.

On August 9, Johnson was also with Mike Brown on the day of his death where, being the main witness to the crime, gave an account to police officers that has slowly been disproven piece by piece. At this point, the only part of Johnson’s narrative that aligns with the truth, is the fact that Brown was shot by Wilson.

As described by Johnson, he and his friend were walking down the street, just minding their own business when Wilson aggressively approached them. After firing some expletive orders at the duo, Wilson drove away, but quickly reversed his car to the point of almost hitting the two where he tried to get out of the car.


Upon opening the door, it hit brown and “ricocheted” shut, angering the officer where he reached out and grabbed the 6’4” Mike Brown by the throat. After Brown pulled away, Wilson grabbed the boy to pull him back into the cruiser, pulled out his firearm and said, “I’ll shoot you.” The gun then, as reported by Jonson discharged sending Brown fleeing for his life where Wilson shot him in the back.

After Brown realized he’d been shot, he turned around, raised his hands in the air where Wilson continued to approach the surrendering man and fired “several” more shots until he died – or so Johnson’s story goes.

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Since that time, many aspects of the proven liars account has been rendered inaccurate, the main point in which being that Brown was shot in the back. As an autopsy has been completed, six rounds had penetrated Brown, all to his front.

Along with this, the fact that Johnson said Wilson, while sitting in his cruiser, reached up and grabbed the 6’4” Brown by the throat – the incident in which rendered the altercation physical – is seen as unlikely unless Wilson has exceptionally long arms.

Now that Johnson has been exposed for what he is – a liar – his side of the story has been just about deemed irrelevant, nothing more than a fictitious narrative that could have been made up by anyone who was there or not. As many argue that Johnson’s past is a separate issue than the Mike Brown case, it can’t be ignored that this man, despite his testimony being exposed as inaccurate, has a history of lying to police officers.

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