Teen Girls Kidnapped, Raped By Gang Of 9 Racist Thugs

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Cleveland police arrested nine black suspects in connection with the kidnapping, rape and drugging of three white girls, two of whom were sisters. The teen girls were lured into a van outside of a convenience store near the 700 block of North Parkside Avenue. Once they made the decision to enter that vehicle, their lives were changed forever.

The thugs gave the young girls alcohol and marijuana to get them warmed up before brutally raping them. The sickos videotaped the assault on their cell phones.

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One of the girls was smart enough to refuse the drugs and alcohol, and she remained coherent throughout the assault. She screamed and banged on the side of the van all the while that her sister and friend were being raped. Then the thugs turned their attentions towards her. One held her down while another punched her repeatedly in the face. Two of the men took turns driving the vehicle and participating in the assault.


The sisters were able to narrowly escape their captors after the one who would not stop screaming annoyed her rapists. They kicked her out of the van and as she fell onto the street she was able to grab onto her sister and drag her along.

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After having their way with the sisters and kicking them out of the van, the thugs proceeded to take their third victim to a private residence and rape her there. She was so intoxicated by that point that they had to carry her inside. Police found this victim hours later, in a suspect’s basement, lying in a pool of her own vomit.

The only silver lining to this story is the fact that the awful human beings who perpetrated this heinous crime were apprehended. Often times, crime-ridden neighborhoods are so overwhelmed with a backlog of incidents that no justice is seen.

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