Officials Brace For More Violent Riots After Wilson’s Exoneration

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The black community of St. Louis, Missouri has demonstrated that they will not rest until “justice” has been done for Michael Brown. We’ve all heard their cries of, “No justice, no peace.” Unfortunately, the justice they are looking for includes a murder conviction for officer Darren Wilson, who is looking more and more innocent by the day.

As evidence begins to mount that Wilson was justified in shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown, law enforcement officials in Ferguson are bracing for almost certain chaos when the officer is exonerated. If you thought the riots and looting were bad before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

In a statement which incriminates Michael Brown, an anonymous St. Louis police officer told WND:

“For Michael Brown to fight the police officer and try to take his gun away and then to say, ‘Don’t shoot me,’ that’s resisting arrest, and it’s a felony. All you have to do is touch the officer’s gun and you’ve committed a felony.”

Indeed, Missouri state law also suggests that Wilson was acting within his authority when he fatally shot Brown. Section 563.046 authorizes a law enforcement officer to use “deadly force” when he reasonably believes such force to be necessary or when the suspect has committed or attempted to commit a felony.

Do you expect officer Darren Wilson to be cleared of all charges in the shooting of Michael Brown? If and when that occurs, how do you think the already volatile black community will respond? Sound off in the comments section!

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