Hate Crime: Innocent Bus Rider Gets Face Fractured By Brutal Mob

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On New Year’s Eve, Nick Lloyd was waiting for a Denver bus with one of his buddies. The pair were standing on the corner of 20th and Market streets, when they were attacked by a mob of black thugs. “Basically my whole cheek is caved in,” Lloyd said.

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Unfortunately, there have been so many instances of attacks on white individuals by black males in the Denver area that police are at a loss as to who is perpetrating these awful hate crimes. They currently have too many suspects to count and the descriptions of these thugs are too vague to make any convictions. Often times, victims are beaten so severely that they cannot recall their attacker or their vision was obscured by their own blood.

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What do you think needs to be done about this escalating problem? In Obama’s America, there seems to be no end in sight for these brutal hate crimes. The fact that the lame stream media refuses to report these stories isn’t helping matters either. Give us your take on this issue in the comments section.


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