Mike Brown Jury Mostly White, Liberals Outraged

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As a grand jury has convened to determine whether or not there is proof of justification for the death of Michael Brown, many remain speculative after what they’ve been fed by the main stream media. As the case seems heavily based on race, it doesn’t take much to see how involved the community is and, even more so, when things don’t go their way – like when the grand jury just so happens to be mostly white.

According to the Post-Dispatch the jury that has come together to hear the facts on the Brown case consist of three black members and nine white. As we’ve seen before in the Trayvon Martin case, where the jury that time consisted of 12 white members, the community doesn’t very much accept the outcome of the case when facts such as these present themselves.

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Although they are considered a “jury of their peers” often times, although they would have no racism perpetrated against them, community members demand that the jury be race specific. Despite this being racist in and of itself – and also highly biased against the other side – the argument isn’t worth having. It’d be easier to convert a Muslim jihadist to Christianity.

However, the demographics of the jury – as much as it can be given the limited group – actually demonstrate the proportionate breakdown of St. Louis county. Although many would be quick to argue that its unfair seeing how a black boy died and the jury wasn’t all black, it is actually an accurate depiction of Brown’s peers – relatively speaking that is.

The grand jury is expected to listen to evidence and come out with a decision sometime in October.

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