Famous Actor Delivers EPIC Rant On Ferguson Looters And Main Stream Media

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Actor Kevin Sorbo is becoming quite well known amongst Conservative circles as he’s not one to mince words. In a recent rant delivered on his Facebook page, Sorbo ripped into both the main stream media as well as the looters in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to the actor known for his roles in formerly popular television shows such as Hercules and Andromeda:

“Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are. It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures. It’s always someone else’s fault when you give up.”

He eventually went on to recall hearing about, “One of the Ferguson looters, DeAndre Smith, was interviewed by the Washington Post fresh from looting a QuikTrip and said: ‘I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community’” Want the riots to end in Ferguson? Ban the media who are nothing more than agitators promoting the circus environment and inciting outsiders to join in the frenzy.”

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Despite looking at the facts for what they were however, Liberal race baiters only lunged at Sorbo calling him ignorant and a bigot. Instead of taking the less than thought out comments lying down however, Sorbo went on call out his aggressors for twisting his words saying:

Okay….I stand humiliated and humbled. My most sincere apologies for my post on the events in Ferguson. I posted out of frustration and anger over the violence and looting. My words were never meant to hurt the African-American community. My use of the word “losers’ was directed at those doing the looting and vandalising and violence toward others. Anyone who does that is a loser in my book. So I will not apologise to those who are looting stores and vandalising there own community. I am very sorry for the police shooting. To answer violence with violence is not the answer here. Real leaders need to emerge out of that community to deal with the problems with the excessive use of police force. I agree with you that the police action has only added to the reaction of the residents of Ferguson. Yes. I am an idiot and do hold myself accountable for the way my post came off.

There is perhaps no bigger indication that an argument has been won than when Liberals begin to either hurl insults of call someone racist – in Sorbo’s case, they did both.

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