Racial Attack: Boy Burned Alive By Woman With A Blow Torch

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This is a sickening story, not for those with a weak stomach. 12-year-old Jonathan Foster was burned to death by Mona Nelson on Christmas Eve of 2010. The boy had recently come to live with his mother and her new husband in Houston, Texas.

On December 24, Foster’s mother, Angela Davis, reported him missing after she received a strange call from a gruff sounding woman at her work. Foster’s charred remains were found four days later in a roadside ditch not far from Davis’ home.


As reported by Fellowship of the Minds:

Mona Nelson told local KTRK TV that a member of Jonathan’s family had given her $20 to dump a plastic container on Christmas Eve. She said she was drunk on vodka and didn’t know what was inside the container.

But police revealed that Jonathan’s burned body had not been discovered in a plastic container, but in a ditch. Police also say Nelson’s truck was spotted on surveillance footage dumping something in the ditch where the boy’s body was found. In addition, investigators discovered evidence at Nelson’s apartment that allegedly links her to the crime, including burned carpet and twine similar to that used to bind Jonathan’s hands.

While denying she had killed Jonathan, insisting “I’m not a monster. I have five grandkids and I love kids,” Nelson admitted having a cutting torch that she claims she used in her job as a welder. But police say she used the torch to burn the boy’s body.


One of the very unsettling facts of this case is that the media shied away from reporting it. Once again, we see a gross failure to expose any crime which involves the attack of a white individual at the hands of someone who is black. This sort of incident, tough terribly heinous, does not support the Left’s race-baiting agenda.

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of knowing that my child had suffered the agonizing pain of being burned alive. This story makes me sick to my stomach. Tell us how it makes you feel in the comments section.

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