Ferguson Protester Slams Jesse Jackson To His Face: “We Don’t Want You Here”

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Despite the a majority of the attention focused on Ferguson, Missouri being directed toward the looting and crime, there are actually many demonstrators simply trying to voice their First Amendment rights. Despite their seemingly biased opinions favoring that of Mike Brown, some have shown themselves to be quite observant.

One such man called Jesse Jackson as a race baiter to his face before telling him, “we don’t want you here.”

As the town has been crippled by riots and looting, those seeking to simply speak out against police brutality are actually becoming quite frustrated. Add to the mix the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who only wish to stir the pot more in effort of filling their own pockets and it’s enough to put a few of these demonstrators over the edge.

When seeing Jesse Jackson in a car riding around the streets, one demonstrator whipped out his cell phone to record and went over to confront the reverend. Starting out mild, the man is heard saying, “Are you here to support us?  You’ve been marching all day long?  We haven’t seen you marching all day long.”

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It wasn’t long however before the questions turned to accusations. After listening to Jackson blatantly lie to his face, the man shouts, “Are you gonna march with us today, or are you just gonna sit in the car?  We haven’t seen you marching.”

As Jackson begins to squirm in his chair, the hot seat becomes searing as the man finally climaxes by saying, “When are you gonna stop selling us out, Jesse.  We don’t want you here in St. Louis…We’re activists out here, this is real.  You’re not a leader, we don’t want you here, brother.”

The fact of the matter is, Jesse Jackson has been exposed for exactly what he is – a money grubbing thief who seeks to enslave those in which he proclaims to “help.” Luckily, the masses are catching on to this fact as the other day he was even booed off stage after asking for money for his church.

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