Mark Levin OBLITERATES Obama: “Get Your A** Off The Golf Course”

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It seems that just about every day during the past couple weeks, there have been reports of Obama hitting the golf course. Despite the nation being thrust into chaos (i.e. decapitated American, Ferguson, Missouri), Obama has neglected his duties and someone is finally calling him out on it.

During a recent segment of his show on the radio, Mark Levin went on quite the rampage regarding Obama’s less-than-professional conduct during the recent days. Amongst his well-founded spiel, Levin exclaimed, “You know, folks, an American is decapitated in the middle of the desert by some British-Islamo-Nazi puke. This puke, this punk, ties one of our citizens up, his hands behind his back, lifts up his chin, and saws his head off! Is it too much to expect this pathetic president to spend more than five minutes on it?”

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Further voicing his anger, he mentioned, “This man (Obama) should have been in the Situation Room with the press there, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with the head of his national security team, with the Director of the CIA. He should have been there with the President Pro Tem, and the Senate Majority Leader and the Republican Leader. He should have been there with the Speaker of the House and the Democrat Leader in the House. And he should have been there and made a statement–not from the friggin’ golf course!”

He then concluded by saying what just about everyone in the nation has been thinking as he demanded:

Mr. President–Get your ass off the golf course. I’m gonna be the father you never had. Get your ass off the golf course, get the hell back into Washington, D.C., act like a president, or get the hell out!”

It is truly a sad day in which this actually needs to be said to a President – the so called “leader” of our country.

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