Mother Allows Friend To Get 11 Year-Old Daughter PREGNANT

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A deadbeat mom was arrested this week for child endangerment after it was revealed that she had let a grown man sleep with her 11 year-old daughter, and get her pregnant.

The 37 year-old mother allowed family friend Jacob White, 24, to sleep in her daughter’s bed despite protests from other friends who said the two were having sex. According to The Daily Mail, they slept together throughout April and May.

The daughter, now 12, was found to be pregnant during a recent doctor’s visit. When she was told the news, she immediately turned to her mother and said “I tried to tell you several times.”

Neighbor’s say they are saddened but not surprised by the allegations against the mother, as her home is a place where random people come and go at all hours of the day.

White was also arrested and now faces third degree sexual abuse charges. The mother’s name is being kept anonymous to protect her daughter’s privacy.



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