This Girl Regrets Saving Sex For Marriage, Here’s Why She Needs To Reconsider

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A good Christian girl turned sinner extraordinaire wrote an article which is currently going viral among the libtards trolling the internet with nothing better to do than read a fellow feminist’s dirty laundry. The title of Samantha Pugsley’s article is pretty self-explanatory: “I Waited Until My Wedding Night to Lose My Virginity, and I Wish I Hadn’t”.

As if anyone really cares about her sex life, Pugsley divulges:

At the age of 10, I took a pledge at my church alongside a group of other girls to remain a virgin until marriage. Yes, you read that right — I was 10 years old.”

Think she’s a little bitter?

She goes on to lament following through with her decision to abstain from sex until marriage, blaming her parents, her church, and everybody else she can think of. She may have been pressured to take a virginity pledge when she was young, but when she got older, she had every opportunity to be as skanky as she wanted. This one really takes the cake: A liberal blaming the church because those no-good, Bible-thumping Baptists kept her from being the ho she always wanted to be.

After describing her sex life in awkward detail, Pugsley closes with this disturbing statement:

“I’m now thoroughly convinced that the entire concept of virginity is used to control female sexuality. If I could go back, I would not wait. I would have sex with my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I wouldn’t go to hell for it. We would have gotten married at a more appropriate age and I would have kept my sexuality to myself.”

Frankly, the fact that it has taken this girl so long to realize that remaining a virgin means controlling your sexuality makes me think that she’s a few crayons shy of a whole box. And just to put her blasphemy into perspective, she is saying that she would rather spend the rest of eternity in the fires of Hell than to abstain from sex for a few years. Let me be clear, I don’t believe that all people who have premarital sex are doomed to go to Hell, but this girl is saying that she would gladly trade a few years of pleasure for just that. Also, you can’t keep your sexuality to yourself at the same time as sharing it with someone else. Doesn’t work that way, Sweetheart.

If you have the patience to read Samantha Pugsley’s entire article, you can do so here.

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