Liberal CNN Anchor Disrespects Rapper, Awkward Fight Ensues

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Liberal CNN has been gladly on the ground since the beginning of the Ferguson protests taking whatever ratings bump they can with open arms. As one anchor that is currently in Missouri, John Lemon, hops from interview to interview, it appears his etiquette needed a bit of polishing.

Fortunately for him, Rapper Talib Kweli was able to give him a few lessons on respect.

The incident started to rear its ugly head as Kweli stated that despite their intentions, media organizations, such as CNN, are partially to blame for the situation in Ferguson. Stating that the public is being fed false facts, Lemon was quick to correct the man leading into the verbal confrontation.

Speaking on a specific article in which CNN wrote that there was peace on the streets until a protester flung a bottle at police, Kweli stated that he was there, and the narrative given wasn’t entirely accurate. According to the rapper, it wasn’t until police intervened, puffed their chest and started making demands in an instigative manner that protesters actually became agitated.


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Trying to address his points as they came up however, Lemon tried on several occasions to cut off Kweli to speak about points individually. The rapper however took this as a sign of disrespect feeling as if the host had interrupted him.

From there, the explosive interview dissolved even further where at one point, Rapper Kweli actually turned his back to Lemon on air in true childlike manner. As Lemon tried to explain the operations and procedures when it comes to live, on the air, interviews, the situation entered into the painfully awkward.

One would easily come to the conclusion that if the perceived persona of ignorance and incivility was undesirable, the simple solution would be to not act in such a way. Despite this being common sense, it seemed to slip both Kweli and Lemon’s minds as their “way” of conducting an interview was far more important that the message they were trying to get across – or so it would appear.

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