Fox Reporter Attacked While Trying To Prove Not All Ferguson Protesters Bad

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In quite the astounding clip, a Fox reporter ventured into the streets of Ferguson to prove that not all protesters there act in a criminal manner. While there however, he was quick to discover that those seeking to stand up against those doing wrong are few and far between, and in the mean time, was attacked.

Tensions continue to run high in Ferguson despite the several facts coming out recently all but completely shattering the false main stream media narrative. Trying to prove that some actually want to simply express their First Amendment rights however, Fox’s Charlie LeDuff sought out those seeking to simply protest.

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Amidst his interviews however, in an effort to prove that not everyone speaking out during the dark hours that set upon Ferguson, LeDuff was quick to realize the racist reality that unfortunately exists. For being nothing more than white, and not fitting into their entitled qualifications, the reporter was attacked, having rocks and other various objects thrown in his direction.

Take a peek of the video and feel free to share anything that comes to mind in the comments below.

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