Race Hustlers Silent After Black Mob Beats And Kills White College Student

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Al Sharpton is right – racism is rampant in our country, the only problem is, those truly guilty of such atrocities are usually given a free pass on account of the suffering their ancestors once endured. As outrage continues to rage on regarding the death of Mike Brown at the hands of a white officer out of self defense, race hustlers are intentionally ignoring a truly racist murder.

The incident occurred on February 18, 2012 where Denton James Ward along with his girlfriend and two other friends, another couple, were out for a late night food run at a local McDonalds. Thinking that the fast food joint just off of Texas A&M University campus was safe given its reputation, police tell a different story.

During the day, officers have no trouble with area as the community is rather low key, but when darkness falls – that’s when the mischievous come out to play. Unbeknownst to Ward and his friends, that exact McDonalds was a known hot spot for criminal activity and physical altercations, especially during the wee hours of the morning.


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On that night, there were a reported 400 black men and women loitering in the parking lot, some without food, some without even shirts. Thinking nothing of the situation, Ward, along with his friend, Tanner Giesen got out of the car and headed to the bathroom while the others in the car took a trip through the drive through.

Upon exiting the bathroom however, Giesen recalls that he heard one instigator say, “You’re in the wrong neck of the woods, cowboys.” According to trial testimony, Giesen was hit in the face by a random member of the mob where Ward stepped in to break up the incident.


From there, Ward suffered for the last agonizing moments of his life at the hands of the atrocious animals as he endured a seemingly never ending series of blows. Upon being knocked to the ground, the crowd stomped on his head with some even jumping up and down on his defenseless body.

One witness, a former Marine, stated that Ward’s injuries were so crippling that his face was “really messed up.” Further describing the disgusting nature of events, he stated that Wards face was “broken, mushy” and “just did not look natural.”

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After those still in the car came around the side of the building to see what was going on, they immediately got out of the car to break up the incident. With the help of a few in the crowd, they were able to carry Ward to the vehicle and place him in it where a bystander by the name of Danisha Stern, told them to, “get out of there . . . it’s not safe.”

Thinking that they were being followed one of Ward’s friends sped across town in a desperate attempt to get their friend to an emergency room. In the mean time, Ward was drifting in and out of consciousness and he was losing a significant amount of blood from his face.

Immediately after Ward’s girlfriend, Lauren Bailey Crisp, got into the back seat, kneeling upon the floorboards to do whatever she could. During the chaos, the driver, Samantha Bean, ran a red light where a large pickup truck rammed into the side of their vehicle.

Ward and Crisp were pronounced dead on the scene.


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After further analysis, it was discovered however that Ward did not die due to the incident, but rather the injuries he sustained from the beating – especially the blows to his neck/chin and the back of his head.

There’s no doubt that this was a blatant act of racism yet race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson remain silent on the home front – at least pertaining to this. As the two only ever speak out if it financially benefits themselves, a black-on-white racist murder does not suit their agenda.

After all, in an effort to enslave blacks further for personal agenda and in the pursuit of money and greed, Sharpton only spins the tail sympathetic to the “oppressed.” In quite the sickening notion, stories like this would only liberate blacks to see that members of their race are actually the ones guilty of some of the most animalistic hate crimes in the country and in need of change.

The family, as of the end of July, was awarded $27 million in a lawsuit against McDonalds – it should go without saying that they’d much rather have their son than any amount of money.

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