Liberal Idiot Robbed And Beaten In Ferguson For Being White, Says He’ll Return

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Liberal idiocy truly knows no bounds and the acts of one man only further goes to prove just that. After being robbed of his cell phone, and beaten to the point of a fractured face simply because he was white, the moron later declared that he would be returning to Ferguson in support of Mike Brown.

In a brazen attempt to prove moral superiority, Steve Schmidt explained that while protesting he was attacked by a group of black men. After being sucker punched, he notes that he ran for about 50 feet before giving up and curling into the fetal position.

schmidt1 schmidt2

While lying on the floor suffering a fury of blows, it wasn’t long before Schmidt explains that he handed over what the vicious mob wanted – his cell phone.

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Showing where his true loyalties lie, and furthermore what matter most to him, Schmidt condemns his mother for being angry with those that attacked her son. He also whined about losing all the great “footage” he captured during his memorable time in Ferguson.


As if the ignorant moron hadn’t proven he didn’t have a clue up until this point, he lastly went on to say that he’d be returning to the place where he had suffered a broken face on account of his white skin.


Genuine racism at its finest ladies and gentlemen, and all in the name of moral superiority, Schmidt is going to once again physically endanger himself for appearances sake.

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