Darren Wilson Supporters Assaulted By Ferguson Protesters

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Here is more proof that the Left is only tolerant if you peddle their same agenda. Overnight in Ferguson, supporters of white police officer, Darren Wilson, who braved the dangerous streets, were reportedly roughed up.

Fox News’ Mike Tobin, who was live in Ferguson, broke the news on The Kelly File. The footage is quite disturbing. It shows a white woman who had come out in support of Officer Wilson with a homemade sign. Black rioters became so violent towards her that law enforcement had to put her in one of their vehicles for her own protection.

As Megyn Kelly commented, you’re only welcome to exercise your First Amendment right to protest in Ferguson if you are on Michael Brown’s side. Tobin remarked:

“You’re dealing with a mob. So you can’t come out here and support a different point of view. They’re here to protest and march with one point of view. They came out with another, and it was not well received.”

The short, white woman who is seen in the footage being protected by police, came out with another white protester to West Florissant Avenue, one of the main streets in Ferguson and a hotbed of protest. As soon as supporters of Brown found the pair, they began throwing bottles at them. As Tobin put it, “Not a very good idea if you’re concerned with your safety.”

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