Cop Loses Temper On Some Ferguson Race-Hustlers

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The Ferguson police deserve a medal at this point for dealing with these violent hooligans day in and day out. This video shows one cop lose his temper on a loud protester, and even threaten to kill him.

According to The Blaze, the cop repeatedly told these idiots to “get back,” but they won’t listen to him.

“I will f***ing kill you! Get back!” the officer is heard saying in the footage.

“You’re going to kill him?” a man behind the camera says, clearly excited by the prospect of more police violence. “What’s your name sir?”

“Go f*** yourself,” the cop responds, his rifle still raised.

Luckily, a fellow officer intervenes before the cop can give those protesters the meltdown they wanted.

“He had to be told by another officer to stop pointing his gun,” someone is heard saying.

While the protesters would have had a field day if the cop had attacked them, it would have been quite fun to see one of these fools get the beating they deserve.

Americans are becoming increasingly fed up with the violence occurring in Ferguson. A viral new Facebook page, called 1 Million Strong Against the Ferguson Race Rioters, is providing a platform for concerned citizens to band together AGAINST the rioters, race pimps, and looters exploiting Brown’s death.


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