Darren Wilson Exposed: New Details Of Officer’s Past Emerge

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Ever since he fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, officer Darren Wilson has understandably laid low. The black community of St. Louis is outraged over the loss of 18-year-old Brown and they are out for Wilson’s blood. For a few days, at least, the six-year veteran of the police department’s identity was under wraps. When his name and likeness was exposed to the public, the media and protesters had a field day.

A week and a half after Wilson shot Brown, changing their two lives forever, details of the officer’s personal life continue to surface. Here are the facts so far, as we know them:

  • Wilson is 28-years-old.
  • He was born in Texas.
  • His parents were married for four years before divorcing in 1989 in Texas.
  • Court records say he divorced last November.
  • His mother was a convicted forger and alleged con artist.
  • His mother died 12 years ago, in 2002, at the age of 35.
  • Wilson got a commendation in February from the Ferguson police force, four years into his job there.
  • He lives in a brick, ranch-style home in Crestwood, Missouri, which is about 18 miles Southwest of Ferguson.

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Although it appears that he parents weren’t much to brag about, Wilson looks to have grown into a fine young man. Friends of his speak overwhelmingly of his commendable character. One of his former high school classmates and hockey buddy, Jake Shepard, publicly came to his defense, saying:

“I think he’s kind of struggling a little bit, but I think he’s doing OK. He didn’t really want to talk much about it. But I can tell you for sure it was not racially motivated. He’s not the type of person to harbor any hate for anybody. He was always nice, respectable and well-mannered, a gentleman. He doesn’t have anything bad to say about anybody, ever. He’s very genuine.”

Does any of this new information change your opinion on officer Darren Wilson?

A growing group of concerned citizens are making their voices heard in support for Wilson in a new viral Facebook page called 1 Million Strong Against the Ferguson Race Rioters. Citizens appear to be increasingly fed up with the violence and looting occurring Ferguson at this time.

H/T: Brownsville Herald

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