Video Purports To Prove Stewart’s Innocence, Claims Ward JUMPED On Car

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As many still remain speculative regarding the actions of Tony Stewart during the night he hit and killed Kevin Ward Jr., one mother wasn’t going to take the allegations lying down. Saying she needed to defend Tony Stewart for her two boys that “love” NASCAR, by slowing down the video of the incident, she claims she can show anyone that it was not Stewart’s fault.

In fact, she even goes so far as the say that Ward jumped on Stewart’s car as he was passing by which resulted in his own death.

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Most of us have seen the original video, but for those who haven’t, feel free to do so here:

The real evidence, according to mother Donna Lane, is only visible when you slow down the video and view it frame by frame. Amidst the 20 minute clip, Lane points out several different features that all point to Ward thrusting himself into harm’s way.

As can be seen, it appears as though Ward jumped onto the side of Stewart’s car. During the course of the video the wing of Stewart’s sprint car can be seen lowering to downward as it compensates for the weight being added by the weight of Ward.

Further disputing the “intentional” narrative, Ward can be seen clinging onto the side of the car rather than being dragged as previously reported. Take a peek at the video in its entirety and let us know – does Lane’s account seem like an accurate depiction of the night’s events?

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