Provocateur Caught Trying To Spark Incident, Throws Bricks At Ferguson Police

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An alleged provocateur has allegedly been exposed after trying to instigate police violence by throwing a brick. In what seems to have been a coordinated effort to justify the actions of an abusive police force, the unidentified man was quickly called out by peaceful protesters.

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As the unidentified man hid amongst the group of protesters peacefully demonstrating, it wasn’t long before those within the immediate vicinity caught on to what he was doing. In a blatant attempt to provoke police violence, he was silent as the masses spoke out against his actions and demand he leave the protest.

Although he didn’t say much as a flurry of questions was hurled at him, he was extremely quick – almost suspiciously so – to refute the accusations that he’d been hired by police. Don’t let Mr. Conservative make that assertion for you though – take a peek at the video yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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