Celebrity Speaks Out: “Michael Brown Was An A**hole”

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Chris Sacca is a hero in the realm of venture capitalism. He has invested in Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter and Twitter. These savvy investments have not only made him filthy rich, but they prove that he is notoriously right on the money when it comes to calling things as he sees them.

Sacca has some thoughts on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO. In a post titled “A few thoughts on race, America, and our President.”, he shared his opinion on his firm’s website. Here is a small excerpt from his post:

“Now before you label me as one-sided on this issue, let me say from what I have seen, it appears Michael Brown was an asshole. If it is in fact him in the videotape from the convenience store, then he was acting like an asshole and likely would have deserved some form of criminal prosecution. The store owner deserved justice.”

If you’d like to read everything Sacca had to say on this issue, you may do so here.

Do you agree with this outspoken tech investor? Was Michael Brown an asshole? Give us your take in the comments section!

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