Megyn Kelly Destroys Race Hustling Black Pastor

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Megyn Kelly doesn’t let anything get past her! This video shows the Fox host interviewing a black pastor who had made critical comments about Al Sharpton to her producers.

However, the race-pimp pastor tries to backtrack on his comments as soon as he gets on the air, which turns out to be a BIG mistake.

Kelly asked Pastor Robert White, “you don’t think Al Sharpton is helping or Jesse Jackson, why?”

According to Mediaite, the cowardly pastor responded:

“Um, actually, we do appreciate the support that we’ve gotten from our national leader. Mr. Sharpton has provided some invaluable support to us at the local level. And if I can just reiterate what he said: “We have had enough. We want to know where justice is.” So after talking to Mr. Sharpton, sitting down with him, he’s actually providing some intel and some strategies for us as local leaders on how to keep the peace.”

Stunned, Kelly reminds him that he was singing a very different tune when he talked to her producers earlier. “Are you saying that since then, you’ve sat down with Al Sharpton and you’ve come to a different point of view?” she asks incredulously.

“I think the power of words have allowed me to have access to sit with him and talk,” White replied. “He gave me an opportunity to not just see what is on the news but to sit down and talk with him about strategy going forward.”

“Let me guess,” Kelly responded with a smirk, “those strategies include you not criticizing him anymore?”

The race hustling Reverend awkwardly tumbles through the rest of the interview, trying to debate Kelly’s assertion that Sharpton is simply an “outside agitator.”

Of course, he fails miserably.

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