Americans Fed Up with Ferguson Race Rioters Take Action

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A movement against the Ferguson riots has continued to grow this week, proving those race hustlers aren’t the only ones who can come together to fight for a cause!

The violence in Ferguson has started to spread across the country, as racial protests have begun to pop up in other cities such as Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, the situation is no longer something confined to St. Louis: it’s all of our problem now.

Many feel that if the silent majority doesn’t come together now, things will escalate very quickly on a national level.

The Facebook page for the growing movement says, “This foolishness in Ferguson NEEDS to end. While the race hustlers are causing trouble in St. Louis, the rest of us need to come together to put this madness to a stop. We ARE the silent majority, but if we band together we will be SILENT no longer!”

Feel free to visit the Facebook here and check out the movement for yourself.


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