There’s Already A Next Mike Brown: Protesters Gathering For John Crawford

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As the discussion surrounding police officer’s use of force is still raging, it appears as though an Ohio department may have just added to the blaze. Already being dubbed the next Mike Brown, John Crawford was shot by police inside of a Wal-Mart and protesters are already starting to gather.

Since attention is being brought to the abusive overstep of American officers, recently dug up was yet another instance of just that. Occurring on August 6, John Crawford was reportedly shopping at a Wal-Mart in Dayton, Ohio with his partner LeeCee Johnson when they split up.


Apparently to do a bit of browsing in the video game section, Crawford played some games on the demo screens before making his way to the toy section. Police reportedly had been called to the store because Crawford had picked up an air soft rifle and was carelessly waving it around where some thought him to potentially dangerous.

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According to eyewitness Ronald Ritchie:

[Crawford] was just waving [the gun] at children and people … I couldn’t hear anything that he was saying. I’m thinking that he is either going to rob the place or he’s there to shoot somebody. He didn’t really want to be looked at and when people did look at him, he was pointing the gun at them. He was pointing at people. Children walking by.


After picking up an air soft rifle, Johnson explains that she heard Crawford shout, “it’s not real,” from a few aisles over. Next, a volley of gunshots rang out in the store before officer’s screamed, “get on the ground.” The only problem was, Crawford was on the ground, fatally wounded where Johnson details the screams she heard before his passing.

She later went on to say, “I feel like they shot him down like he was not even human.”


As awareness into police corruption is on the rise, so is attention on the Crawford case where over 100 protesters are already reported to be gathering. Their numbers are quickly growing and they’re demanding that the department store giant release surveillance video of the 21-year-old’s death.

What do you guys think – will this branch out to be the next Mike Brown? Let us know your take on the entire ordeal in the comments below.

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