HORRIFYING: Inbreed Colt Kids Mutilated The Genitalia Of Animals

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The saga of the 40 person incest-spawned Colt family seems to get worse and worse. This report is sure to shock even the most seasoned on the subject of familial sexual abuse. One can only imagine the behaviors which a lifetime of the worst sexual abuse would create.

This story gives us all a glimpse into the kind of people authorities found living deep within the Australian brush. The Colt family is the product of four generations of inbreeding between parents, children and siblings.

Before ultimately being discovered in New South Whales, the Colt family had fled three other Australian states in fear of being discovered for their perverse lifestyle. When authorities came upon their shacks deep in the brush, they found filthy children rummaging about in tattered clothes without food, water, plumbing or electricity. Some of the kids could not even communicate. A female officer who responded to the scene reported that she will forever be affected by what she saw that day.

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Indeed, it would be hard to forget the deformed faces and misshapen body parts which are the product of inbreeding. Some of the other sights were even more horrifying.

Investigators found that in an act of sexual aggression, the Colt children would often participate in mutilating the genitalia of animals as a way to pass the time. They mutilated dogs and also cats.

The lifestyle of the Colt family was a virtual sex free-for-all, resulting in genetics which even the most skilled experts are having a hard time figuring out. After decades of inter-generational inbreeding, even DNA cannot conclusively prove who the parents of certain children are.

As the Colt family matriarch, Betty, awaits trial, we are left wondering what will be revealed next in this polarizing account of depravation and sexual deviance. Let us know how you feel about this report in the comments section.

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