Violence Spreading: Police Shoot And Kill Knife Wielding Man In St. Louis

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As the events rooted in Ferguson continues to have an effect on the entire nation, it seems that the violence is slowly beginning to spread. Although protests have broken out across the country, a knife-wielding man was shot and killed by police in St. Louis after trying to attack police.

At about 1 p.m. calls went out to police that a man with a knife was trying to rob a Six Star Market convenience in North St. Louis. When police arrived the man reportedly did not back down and was even antagonizing officer’s shouting, “Shoot me now. Kill me now.”


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After they did not oblige the man, he apparently lunged at officers who had given the man ample warning to back down saying, “Stop, drop the knife,” before eventually being shot down. As tensions run high on account of the Mike Brown incident the next town over, a crowd quickly gathered at the scene where protesters immediately began chanting, “hands up don’t shoot.”


Since that time, authorities have directed press, including Mr. Conservative, to a pre-recorded voice mail with your average spiel. After waiting to hear that the investigation is ongoing and talking with a person within the department, it was disclosed that no one was available for immediate additional comment. Further indicative of officer’s lack of transparency, a separate officer also informed Mr. Conservative staff that they, “have their own inside information,” and that they, “do not discuss open investigations.”



It sounds like the incident was entirely unrelated to Ferguson, but the timing is nothing short of impeccable. As aggression toward police is already running at a dangerous rate, this could be bad news for officers given that protesters have already lined the streets who are shouting the notorious saying as heard during the Ferguson riots.

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