Watch These Five Gun-Grabbing Libs Shoot Guns For The First Time

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The thrill of shooting a firearm is almost unsurpassed by any other activity, so the guys over at BuzzFeed decided to try and take some of the biggest gun haters in all the land down to the range and see if they could change their minds. What happened next just about no one could have imagined – well, except for those of us who have fired a gun before.

After the video shows the five separate gun grabbing Liberals droning on about their beliefs and preconceived notions they had about firearms, it was time for the real fun. Taking the five down to the LA Gun Club, the group got to pop off a few rounds, shooting a variety of weapons from pistols to pump shotguns.

After the fun was over, it was time for reactions – all of which were just about what you’d expect. Although at first they were saying things like the Second Amendment being “antiquated,” by the end they were ready to pay up for a full LA Gun Club membership.


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Although the one guy in the group, Abe, states that his views on gun control didn’t change, he went on to say, “I felt kinda badass cocking the shotgun- that’s a badass gesture right there.”

The best part? The hypocritical gun grabbers felt bad about all the fun they had while shooting the demonized boom sticks. “It was kind of enjoyable, but then I was getting sickened at me feeling enjoyable about it.”

Another added, “It’s a rush, it’s an adrenaline rush and even though it’s f***ed up and I feel confused and conflicted about it all, I would probably come back and do it again.”

Nothing is quite as sweet as making a Liberal chew on their own words.

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