Ferguson Rioters Hurl Rocks At MSNBC Crew

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MSNBC has been struggling for quite some time now to get their ratings up given that they’re amongst the worst in the entire news world. It seems they got a taste of how much they’re disliked while covering the Ferguson riots however as protesters decided to hurl a few rocks in their direction.

For those that don’t know him, Chris Hayes managed to secure his own show on MSNBC – which actually isn’t all that shocking given the high turnover of hosts in a drastic attempt to boost ratings for the drowning network – and is known for his outrageous Liberal idiocy. When that doesn’t get him enough attention, he can always flip over the race baiting rhetoric which makes a place like Ferguson perfect for him – and guess where he is.

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Unfortunately for him however it appears all the work he’s put in for the black community hasn’t accounted for all that much as a few folks decided to show him exactly what they thought of him. Apparently he’s not all that much liked once he actually wanders on down into the community as rioters immediately began hurling rocks at his head.

Take a peek at the video above and let us know – could this incident potentially change the tone of his rhetoric or is this guy as every bit as dumb he looks and sounds?

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