Victim Hears ‘Get White Boy’ Before Being Attacked By Mob Of Thugs

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The last thing Cory Robinson heard before waking up with a fractured skull, were the words, “Get the white boy.” His is another story in a string of reports detailing the black mob violence which plagues the streets of inner cities.

After leaving a Texas bar, Robinson was attacked by eight black men, and in his own words, “had his brains bashed in.”


The San Antonia Press-News reported:

“According to a police report, Robinson said he left the bar while a large fight was going on outside. As he walked through the fight to get to his car, a man questioned him. After a brief exchange, the report said, Robinson told officers approximately eight men jumped him.”

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One very unsettling component of this story is the fact that the media reported several “facts” which were completely false. San Antonio news outlets claimed that this was a fight, rather than an attack. They blamed Mexicans for the brutal assault which left Robinson horribly injured, though there was never any doubt that his attackers were African American. In addition, some news affiliates even went so far as to suggest that Robinson instigated his own assault.

The fact that the lame stream media refuses to fairly report on instances of black on white violence – if they even report these stories at all – is only making matters worse.

Do you think it is racist for the media to only report on crime when it involves a black victim? Give us your take in the comments section.


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