New Video Surfaces Of Mike Brown’s Death

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Well over a week since the unfortunate death of Michael Brown, a new video has surfaced showing the aftermath of the afternoon’s events. Recorded by Ferguson resident Piaget Crenshaw, the self proclaimed witness explains that officer Darren Wilson was chasing Brown while firing his weapon.

Furthermore, she describes that after Brown had turned around and surrendered, Wilson executed him knowing full well after the fact of the wrong he had just taken part in.

“I knew this was not right, I knew police should not even have been chasing this young boy and firing at the same time,” Crenshaw explained. “That fact that he got shot in the face, it was something that clicked in me, I thought, somebody else needs to see this. This isn’t right.”

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According to Crenshaw, there was an altercation between Wilson and Brown at the police cruiser where, although she admits not knowing what was really happening, states that it appeared the officer was trying to pull Brown in. She then states that Brown wasn’t having any of that and instead took off running where Wilson was then seen firing his weapon.

Upon being grazed by a bullet, Crenshaw explains that Brown turned around and was immediately shot several times. She went on to note that her account of the incident also matches up with the autopsy report as she states, “When [Brown] turned toward the cop was when he let off the most shots.”

She concluded that it was only after the killing where she went and retrieved her phone to begin recording. Upon pointing out Officer Wilson, Crenshaw describes that immediately after the shooting, “He looks baffled and bewildered, trying to explain to the other officer ‘What I had just done.’”

What do you guys think – does this really prove anything that we hadn’t already known?

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