Racist Revenge Attack: Teen Thugs Torch Home Of Woman & Children

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As the Michael Brown narrative continues to promote the issue of white-on-black hate crimes, an alarming number of cases are coming to light which highlight just the opposite. What the lame stream media doesn’t want you to know is that it is far more common for racist attacks to be perpetrated against white individuals at the hands of blacks. Case in point: a white mother and her children recently had their home torched by a mob of black thugs in a horrifying act of revenge.

It all started when Jennifer Chitwood returned to her Ohio home to find a couple of black delinquents robbing her. She reported the incident to authorities, only to be burglarized again and again by the same exact gang. She and her family have since become targets, as the black community doesn’t take too kindly to those who report their criminal behaviors to law enforcement. Chitwood told local news station WCPO:

“They don’t like you calling the police on them. They said, ‘If you guys call the police we’re coming back for you.’ Every time I walk down the street I get called names by girls and guys. (They say), ‘You’re the one that called police on my brother. You’re the one that put my cousin in jail.’”

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When the same thugs who robbed her set fire to her residence, Jennifer Chitwood was barely able to escape the flames with her two children, ages 4 months and 4 years. She immediately called 911 in fear for her safety and the safety of her kids. You can hear the horrifying call here. Below is a partial transcript of Chitwood’s exchange with the dispatcher.

DISPATCHER: I can’t hear. Ma’am. Ma’am, you need to stop yelling. I can’t hear you.

CHITWOOD: They busted my front door. They’re trying to kick my door in.

DISPATCHER: What is your address?

CHITWOOD: Roosevelt Boulevard. They’re trying to shoot my house and everything.

DISPATCHER: OK. Who is it?

CHITWOOD: Some kids I called the police on for breaking into my house and they’ve been trying to …

DISPATCHER: Are they kicking at your door? Answer my questions. Are they there right now?

CHITWOOD: Yes. They’re outside my door. Please come now …

DISPATCHER: Ma’am. Ma’am, you have to stop screaming. I can’t help you until you stop screaming.

CHITWOOD: I can’t even open my front door because they kicked my door so hard …

DISPATCHER: Can you stop screaming so I can ask you some questions? Are they still there?

CHITWOOD: Yeah, they’re all in the front.

DISPATCHER: OK. Who are they?

CHITWOOD: A bunch of kids. I don’t know all of their names …

DISPATCHER: 7-year-olds or 17-year-olds?

CHITWOOD: Like 17-year-olds.

DISPATCHER: OK. Do they have any weapons?

CHITWOOD: Yeah, they’re throwing bricks at my house. And they were just kicking my door.

DISPATCHER: OK. Are they still kicking your door?

CHITWOOD: No. They’re standing next door at my neighbor’s house in their yard.

DISPATCHER: We’ll be on the way as soon as we can, OK?

CHITWOOD: They’re starting to leave now. You don’t have to come now, like right this second.

DISPATCHER: We had shots fired so we’ll get there as soon as we can.

CHITWOOD: … I can’t open my doors.

DISPATCHER: Don’t open your door then. Stay in your house. Easy. Stay in your house till we get there. OK?

CHITWOOD: I can’t get out anyways.

DISPATCHER: Stay in your house. Stay in your house until we get there.

CHITWOOD: I’m scared. I’m not hanging up the phone.

DISPATCHER: I have to hang up the phone, ma’am. I have to. I cannot stay on the phone with you. Stay in the house.

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The 17-year-old who torched Jennifer Chitwood’s home in retaliation will be tried as an adult. Let’s hope they lock him up and throw away the key. One of his 18-year-old cronies is also being charged with arson. Tell us what you think of this report and the Left’s ignorance on the issue of racial hate crime in the comments section.


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