Ferguson Mob Beats White Man With Hammer, Now He Speaks Out

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As Mr. Conservative has earlier reported, violence within the Ferguson community has been long prevalent. Despite the main stream media not covering a white business owner being viciously attacked by a black mob last year, black violence is nothing new in the area.

Previously reported:

On August 24, 2013, a white hot dog vendor was attacked with a hammer by four black men outside of the Ferguson Home Depot store. The black individuals had stolen the hammer from inside of the store. When they exited the facility, they swiped the white man’s cell phone. He attempted to chase after them, at which point they hit him in the head with the hammer several times and fled to their car, then drove away. The bloodied victim was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

As it turns out, police eventually found the four men involved in the attack but only Charles Thomas, 25, was charged with theft. They are yet to distinguish who hit the owner, Edward Newa, with a hammer. Since that time, Newa has spoken with reporters in which he described the violence perpetrated on him for a measly cell phone.

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In an earlier interview – before the identification and arrest of his assailants – Newa requested they withhold his identity saying he was, “scared because these guys are still on the streets.” Further explaining that these men were, “a menace to society and need to be caught,” police were able to do just that in which time Newa once again spoke with reporters.

Describing that he suffered, “multiple skull fractures,” from the attack, he also states that a metal plate was put into his head because of the injury. When all was said and done however, Newa conveys, “I am just glad they are separated from society. It is also great to be back at work, so I can make a living.”

Because of the time off required to recover from the attack, Newa almost lost his home as he was unable to pay his rent on account of the time he missed at work.

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