Trump Blasts Fox News Hosts For Ferguson Coverage: “This Is A Racial Situation”

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Renowned conservative Donald Trump blasted Fox News Monday morning for ignoring the racial side of the Ferguson case. While a guest on Fox & Friends, Trump expressed his frustration that Fox was going along with the other mainstream media in their coverage of the situation.

“This is a racial situation,” Trump said, according to Mediaite. “It’s not covered that way in the press. It’s not even discussed in the press. They don’t want to discuss it. They stay away from it.”

Host Brian Kilmeade disagreed with him, saying that the race angle was all that anyone was talking about, but Trump wouldn’t budge and continued:

“In fact, Chicago is another situation. It’s a very racial situation out there. If you look at what’s going on here and Chicago and other places, the press really seldom talks about it. You looked at it here; as soon as [Captain Ron Johnson] mentioned his black son [in a speech at the Rally for Michael Brown yesterday], the audience went wild in applauded. That’s a very sad situation, very sad for the country.”

“People understand it. In my opinion, the press does not really discuss it. They talk about riots, but they don’t say what’s at the core of the riot. Frankly, it’s a very big problem in this country and it’s a problem that is not discussed or certainly not discussed in any great detail and it has to be.”

Do you think Trump was right to call out Fox, or are they doing the best they can? Let us know in the comments below!

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