Brown’s Mother Urges Protesters To Keep Rioting Until Officer Is Arrested

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As Michael Brown’s mother continues to bask in the glory of her 15 minutes, it appears as though she isn’t ready to relinquish the spotlight just yet. In a recent televised interview, she urged protesters to continue rioting and looting until the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson has been made official.

Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, appeared on Good Morning America where she was there to speak on the current riots in Ferguson. At that time, she insisted that there will not be peace until Wilson was arrested for the killing of her son.

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According to the interview:

Robin Roberts: How can peace be restored, Maam?

Lesley McSpadden: Justice.

Robin Roberts: And, what is justice to you?

Lesley McSpadden: Being fair. Arresting this man and making him accountable for his actions.

Now, as several facts have come out within the past few days completely obliterating the original narrative given regarding the Brown incident, its clearer than ever that most of those rioting just don’t want to see the facts. Furthermore, in an effort to have things spun the way in which she would like, McSpadden – and others on her side – remain adamant on holding the community hostage.

Is this fair now that the “clear cut” facts surrounding the Brown case continue to blur?

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