Disrespectful Youth Attacks Park Ranger Because He Was Told He Couldn’t Skateboard

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As our nation’s youth continue to steer more toward that of disrespect and entitlement, many no longer live by the sacred rule, “respect your elders.” Just that was proven recently after an out of control youth physically attacked a park ranger after he simply explained to them that he and his group of friends could not skate in the park.

The altercation took place at 5 p.m. yesterday in LOVE Park tucked away somewhere in Philadelphia. The entire sequence of events was captured on video by Mariano Verrico of Essex Fells, New Jersey who noticed things were beginning to get heated after the park ranger pointed out the park’s “no skating” rule to the skateboarding group.


As Verrico describes, “He (the park ranger) got kicked in the head repeatedly and spit on. When he was down towards the end…, the one kid who did everything leaned down and spit on him. It was really disgraceful.”

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He went on to share that that he overheard the ranger explaining to the young men that they had to take their skateboards elsewhere as the park had too many children in it that day. “’Basically he was just doing his job,” Verrico added. “His voice wasn’t raised. He wasn’t cursing.”

Verrico also noted that everything the ranger did was simply out of self defense. “He never once tried to fight with the kid,” he stated. “He never threw any type of punch at the kid or said anything negative.”


The video then shows the utter brutality of the youth as he continues to kick, and even spit upon, the ranger who had been downed by a stunning blow. As he lie defenseless on the floor, he endured a series of kicks until his assailant simply gave up and walked away.

Take a peek at the video and let us know – did the ranger deserve the treatment in which he received? Do our nation’s youth seem to be more disrespectful in today’s day and age to those who are older?

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