Protesters Come Together To Support Shooter Cop Darren Wilson

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The tides may be turning in Ferguson as protests have started that favor Michael Brown’s shooter, Darren Wilson. On Sunday, over 150 people arrived outside the KSDK news station in St. Louis with signs supporting Officer Wilson.

The protesters decided to come to the news station after KSDK broadcast details about Wilson’s home. The station later apologized for this blatant violation of Wilson’s privacy.

According to The Daily Mail, the protesters were also selling T-Shirts that said “I stand by Darren Wilson.” In addition, the supporters have created a Facebook page with 35,000 likes and raised $1,500 for the railroaded cop.


Eventually, a few Brown supporters arrived and set up their own protest on the other side of the street, but they weren’t able to obtain the same numbers as the Wilson protesters.

Many of Wilson’s protesters were people who work for law enforcement and feel that the mainstream media’s depiction of the story has been biased.

“The coverage so far has been biased and against the officer,” said retired cop John Newsham, 55. “They can make it a black white thing, but it’s not. It should be about the rule of law.”

Other protesters were just normal civilians who sensed the injustice of what was happening to Wilson.

“I think that he’s (Wilson) been tried and convicted of being a murderer,” said pipe repairer Todd Brayfield, 34, of the media’s treatment of Wilson. “I’ve seen 15 different eyewitnesses and they have 15 different accounts. Bits and pieces match up but they are not the same.”

Let’s hope this protest represents the beginning of the tables turning in the war in Ferguson…


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