Another Violent Night In Ferguson As Police Deploy Gas And Rubber Bullets

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As police try to back off their aggressive tactics in an effort to lessen the aggravation of an already out of control and arguably malicious crowd, it seems that those intent of illegal behavior have only become more brazen. As the second night has fallen upon Ferguson, Missouri since the enactment of the curfew, as the riotous citizens became so violent that tear gas was once again fired into the crowd as well as non-lethal rubber bullets.

Just as all the other nights since the passing of Michael Brown, the crowd began to stir at about 9 p.m., where dangerous activity slowly evolved as more and more once again joined the group. As police tried to dissolve the situation without going as far as they had previous nights, most retreated, but a defiant group of about 100 left officers no other choice.



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It wasn’t until protesters hurled Molotov cocktails in the direction of officers that the use of tear gas was once again deployed.


Amongst the damage, rioters were responsible for the smashing of windows belonging to an area McDonald’s as well as setting up a makeshift barricade. Apparently in an attempt to stop police vehicles, demonstrators erected a cinder block wall which failed as police armored vehicles plowed through them with ease. Also amongst the night, a trash can was lit on fire and gun shots were heard ringing out through the neighborhood.

Along with this, one protester is currently in critical condition as he entered into a confrontation with police and was shot.



As the midnight curfew came into effect last night, Ferguson residents remained resistant until the bitter end. Trying to show police they had no right to tell them when they could be outside and when they couldn’t they boldly ignored orders of police.

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A group of about 200 were so aggressive – one even raising his shirt to reveal a firearm – that police had to temporarily withdrawal until back up arrived. At about 12:45, after several attempts to direct rioters home or else face arrest, police put on their gas masks and dispersed the crown with a volley of tear gas canisters.



It wasn’t until about 2:20 a.m. that police were finally able to dissolve the situation enough that they finally found the streets empty and silent leaving the town to rest for one more night.

Why hasn’t the rioting stopped? Does it seem that the more room police given these protesters, the more ground they try to take and the further they try to press their illegalities?


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